Bitcoin brand development masterclass with Richard Stott Creative Designer for Ethereum


Building a new brand is never an easy task for any business let alone for one in a really fast moving digital space like bitcoin so we got in touch with Richard Stott who was the creative designer for Ethereum and owner of design agency Cable Studios who have now worked with a number of digital currency businesses.


Have you got a favourite brand in the digital currency space?

For me it has to be Swarm. Those guys have some really nice looking stuff. The brand is elegant and the campaigns are creative.


What challenges did you face with the ethereum project?
Like with many large organisations, branding can be a challenge. There are many layers of sign off the more people involved. However, the difference with ethereum was how open and honest everyone is. It made creating some of the visual communication a breeze.

Can you review some large bitcoin businesses and their branding?


BitPay is huge, and very established. The tools and the brand are clear and understandable. It’s a very safe brand, and I think thats a key to the brands success.


What are your thoughts on the brand development of bitpay?

BitPay have refined the identity, this I think was a good move, the icon could be seen as fussy. BitPay really takes after the bitcoin logo, so to me it rides on the strength of the bitcoin brand. This is good for obvious reasons, but it may lose the brand personality in the long run.

2. Circle

Circle has never really grabbed me. I find the initial identity hard to grasp. “What do you do?” I think its a valid attempt at being clean and clear, but I think it has become lost, again where is the personality here?


What are your thoughts on brand development of circle?

There isn’t much of an evolution here. You could be mistaken for seeing both examples as versions from the original pitch. However, there could be something here with the colours used. Good brands look nice, great brands have a function, or a hook.

What advice would you give to those building a new brand in the bitcoin space?

“We don’t need to explain what we do, we just need to explain why we do it.”

What 1 resource would you recommend bitcoin businesses should read on branding?

Anything by Paul Rand is a good start.

Some basics of brand development

“Your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors”

– John Williams creator of brand standards for companies like Mitsubishi

“We don’t need to explain what we do, we just need to explain why we do it.”

Richard Stott creative director for Ethereum


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